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Keeping our main artery, Pacific Coast Highway and the canyon roads open and passable requires enforcement that motivates responsible driving and parking.  This is crucial during the tourist season especially.  We must continue to work with CalTrans, Lost Hills Sheriffs, and our terrific Volunteers on Patrol program to move things in the right direction.  The Council must prioritize setting up a temporary towyard before next Summer to return Towing to our enforcement toolbox.  Paul will support all efforts to increase Public safety.


Fire Safety requires an adequate water supply which Paul has been advocating for 15 years.  Keeping the Pressure on District 29 to continue upgrading the deficient systems will pay huge benefits.  Big Rock’s pilot program to provide permanent backup generators to ensure that water is still pumped to the hilltop water tanks in a power failure should be the model for all the canyons.  As citizens we must support our local firefighters by preparing our homes to resist ember ignition, providing a clear space around our homes, and supporting the efforts of Arson Watch who patrol during red flag days. 


On a 3-2 vote, a previous Council traded about 80 acres of bluffs across from Pepperdine and above Malibu Road to the MRCA in exchange for Charmlee Park.  MRCA has floated plans to develop the property with over Sixty campsites and parking for their cars on the property.  MRCA headed by Joe Edmiston, has a long history as Malibu’s worst and most contentious neighbor.  Mr. Edmiston is currently trying to bankrupt the residents of Sycamore Park to destroy the quiet of their neighborhood. He was finally vanquished in Ramirez Canyon only after a long expensive legal battle.  He was recently prevented from developing Puerco Canyon when he was caught Illegally dumping and grading the property, earning him a rare rebuke from the County and Coastal.  We must budget what we can to help preserve our neighborhoods and fight the development of the Malibu Bluff property.  See Paul's  video here.

Investment Chart

Over the last four years the City put its money and quite a bit of our future money where its mouth had been for years, spending over 40 million dollars to buy commercially zoned property.  It is tremendously exciting to think about the open space uses that are possible with the properties. Our first job is to recover from the financial effects of Woolsey and the Pandemic while servicing our bonded indebtedness for the next few years as we are also paying off the last of the Legacy Park debt.  Paul will defend our bond rating so future generations can enjoy the fruits of our thrift.


An existing hotel project winding its way through the process will convert an existing commercial building while reducing the traffic count and replacing a large portion of the income the City currently derives from STRs.  This is such a well thought out project that the current Council voted for it to go forward 5-0. It will be interesting to see what other innovative reuses of existing structures come forth in the years to come. 


Building or remodeling a home in an existing neighborhood should not require a 2 year permitting process fraught with uncertainty and unlimited expense.  Our codes should be clearer and less subject to the whims of a capricious Planning Commission.

Colorful Book Spines

I supported the School District Breakup effort by Mitch Clarfield about 20 years ago and have been supporting and advocating for the AMPS effort since its inception. Malibu’s schools should be governed by Malibu parents.  An Independent school district focused on excellence is the key to attracting families back to our schools.


Malibu is divided into 24 neighborhoods. Malibu Residents know that their neighborhood has unique challenges and benefits.  Paul has spent time in your neighborhood and is aware of your local concerns. One size does not fit all.

Pitchforks Planning Commission with Pizz

You may remember Paul’s torches and pitchforks campaign to bring attention to the previous council’s ill-considered attempt to institute a blanket reduction in total development square footage for all of Malibu. We turned out over 300 speakers for the planning commission meeting and over 100 speakers for an emergency city council meeting which resulted in the ill-considered proposal being scrapped. 

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