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Paul Grisanti 4 City Council to make a better Malibu

Traffic and Parking

Malibu has gotten a reputation as a place where our visitors can get away with anything. We need more law enforcement. We’re already spending about $9,000,000 on the Sheriffs annually.

I have been advised that we have the ability to increase the cost of a parking ticket and that it’s a fairly simple matter. It’s time to do so.

We also need to identify a temporary towyard to add to the cost and inconvenience of parking in a towaway zone. Malibu Towing used to rent a parking lot at the High School on summer weekends that allowed them to make quick turnarounds and go hook up another vehicle. I hope that can be reinstituted by next summer. People reconsider parking in a towaway zone when they see vehicles being hooked up and dragged away.

Water System Improvements

I have been involved in studying the District 29 water system and have been vocal about the need for improvements since shortly after we became a City. As a member of the Public Works Commission, I was appointed to the LA County Waterworks District #29 Study Group along with representatives of LACo Fire, District 29, and other community stakeholders. The study created a 25 year path to a more resilient system. Among the areas identified for attention in the first 5 years were the bottom of Encinal Canyon and Malibu Park, whose systems were so deficient that rebuilding would not be allowed in the event of a Fire. The EIR was finally available in 2016 the County shelved it. Post Woolsey in 2018 and 2019 I worked to make sure that Supervisor Sheila Kuehl was aware that a whole bunch of voters were about to be really unhappy when they were told that they couldn’t rebuild. A compromise was worked out for Malibu Park and Point Dume. The Encinal water mains have been installed and the new tank will be under construction soon.

If elected I will be able to keep the pressure on for the other most deficient areas.


My family has lost two homes to Malibu fires, in 1993 and again in 2007. We have learned a lot Since Woolsey we have joined Malibu’s Community Emergency Resource Team (CERT) and I was recently accepted into the Malibu West Fire Brigade and Arson Watch which followed in the footsteps of the “On call” firefighters of Corral Canyon. Point Dume has formed it’s own Brigade and some residents of Bonsall Canyon are also pursuing formation. The City, the Sheriffs and Arson Watch have been helpful to these efforts and I look forward further encouraging them from the Council Chambers.

Resiliency could also be encouraged by reduced cost permits for backup generators installed at gas stations and food markets so they could continue to operate in a power outage. We need better relations with the Sheriff’s Department. We shouldn’t need to have boats running a Sheriffs blockade to deliver food, fuel, water and generators to the residents who stayed to fight a fire. Let’s work together to make Malibu better prepared.

I will appear in November on the ballot as a Candidate for the Malibu City Council. This campaign will be a little unusual due to the constraints of COVID. Supporter coffees in each of the neighborhoods, candidate debates, shaking hands and kissing babies all seem unlikely at this writing.

The column above is being included as a paid political advertisement. In writing 79 columns for the Malibu Times since December of 2018, I have expressed many opinions and made a few errors. My website for the election just launched with full unedited copies of each of the other 79 columns written since Woolsey. I’m hoping that voters will go to “”, read some of the columns and be convinced that I am sensible and want what is best for Malibu. Call me at 310-505-5006 with any questions, encouragement, or criticism.

Paid for by Paul Grisanti for Malibu City Council 2020

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