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Moving right along, the way forward is clear.

At the beginning of the City Council meeting last week, Craig George was recognized as part of his impending retirement from his post as the Chief of the City’s Environmental Sustainability Department. He has been overseeing the Building and Safety as well as the Environmental Programs area, formerly known as the Health Department. In Craig’s remarks, he mentioned that the City had issued the 8thfull rebuild permit and there is a group of another 25 permits in Building and Safety that are extremely close to the finish line.

The Planning Department has been turning around applications in a manner of days and they have 14 homes in the que at this writing.

New applications seem to have slowed down… Why? Some people I have spoken to remarked on the uncertainty sown by the possibility that the rules were going to be changed by the ill-advised T.D.S.F. reductions championed by the Planning Commission. The City Council has apologized for that distraction and voted to remove any changes in the ordinance from consideration.

The City wants the Woolsey Fire homes rebuilt. They are clear that the recovery is everyone primary goal. They have added Planners to make the process quicker. The Council just passed a budget which included 100% permit fee rebates for owner occupied home rebuilds of the previous size plus up to 10% additional footage. The money set aside is enough to handle about 150 permits in this budget year which ends June 30, 2020. Several Council people have shared a willingness to dig into the reserves If they need to. You will never find the City more willing to bend over backwards to get you back in your home.

The application for your Fire rebuild needs to be in no later than November of 2020 to qualify as a fire rebuild. If you haven’t started the process, start now.

The Malibu Foundation has coordinated many different avenues of assistance and is aggressively seeking new ways to leverage the generosity shown by the community to assist you in rebuilding your lives. I have just started receiving their monthly newsletter and can’t praise them enough. Email them to get on the mailing list. Write to

Residents Eric Dick and Celleste Of Mighty Music have started an effort based on a striking song and music video they have produced. Titled “We Go On California Strong” it is a powerful blend of a great performance with photos and videos from Woolsey, Paradise and other fires from the last two years. Visit their website to donate and learn more. All proceeds are going to help the recovery. Their partner is Habitat for Humanity which has already held a work project at Seminole Springs.

Please call me at 310-505-5006 with your stories about the challenges you are facing as you try to settle with the Insurance Companies and come up with an acceptable plan for your replacement home. How can I help? What’s the next part of this process that needs to be simplified?

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