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Test results are in!

Last Wednesday, I followed through on the opportunity presented by the City and had myself tested for COVID-19 to reassure myself that I am not an asymptomatic spreader of the virus.

The process was accomplished quickly, with some discomfort in the chosen nostril, as a swab was inserted to a depth that I would have previously guessed was impossible. I returned home congratulating myself for my bravery.

On Monday, my test results came in electronically revealing no sign of the virus. This has freed up a lot of free time to obsess over whether I might have antibodies revealing that I had been exposed at some time since this all started. There are currently whispers going around town about two antigen/antibody tests that might soon be available in the community.

Many articles had been written postulating that those who have antigens in their systems might be immune to Coronavirus for one to three years. The recent revelation of more than 10 patients in South Korea who had been pronounced free of infection and have since relapsed or been re-infected casts doubt on the theory.

Tonight, April the 27th, the City Council will hear a short presentation on the opening negotiations for a development agreement allowing a Hotel in Malibu. The owner has proposed remodeling and converting an existing office building into a very nice hotel on the land side of the highway. Mr. Haynie started the application process with the City over 2 years ago and has made a powerful presentation to several members of the business community. The neighboring properties seem to be in favor. The Traffic study shows a net decrease in traffic from the change in usage and a gratifying annual increase in the temporary occupancy tax to refresh the City’s coffers.

The Council has been contemplating a Short Term Rental ordinance for over two years that would reclaim the residential neighborhoods for the full time residents while allowing some short term rentals with an owner/manager on the premises with a corresponding reduction in the reduction of Temporary Occupancy Tax dollars.

As we get closer to graduation week we have seen congratulatory signs springing up on the lawns of graduating Malibu High Seniors. Pepperdine is making plans to congratulate their own graduates physically as well as virtually even though the physical graduation ceremony won’t be held this spring.

This is a time our Children and Grandchildren will remember for the rest of their lives.

I’d like to congratulate my friend Burt Ross whose column last week was supported by “Superhero Ellie Somerfield” in a yellow band across the bottom of the column.

I’m so envious I may have to invent an alter identity to applaud my own efforts. Please make a contribution to the Malibu Times.

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