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The Malibu staycation extended through April 30th

The City of Malibu is working hard to keep everyone current issuing daily updates of the everchanging Corona Virus response. I know that Reva , Karen and Mikke have been on the phone nonstop since crazy Saturday making calls to our State and Federal partners. I have not been in contact with Rick, Jefferson, and Skylar out of concern for a possible violation of the Brown Act, but I am confident they have been very active as well. New informational posters are distributed by CERT volunteers and posted every day at the markets and pharmacies. Multi page versions, in the letter size format are left at gathering places like Lily’s, Kristy’s, Café La Plage and other restaurants doing takeout.

In the last two weeks while I wasn’t paying attention, the City issued 5 more fire rebuild permits for a total of 91 active permits. They also took in 2 more rebuild applications bringing the total to 232 applications. We are so close to the 50 % mark.

I am so grateful to my parents for putting me to work in their hardware store when I was 12. The interpersonal skills, the knowledge of tools and how to use them has made the Staycation much more enjoyable.

We have tackled all the deferred household projects and reactivated several of the childhood hobbies that I was saving for retirement. I have learned that while my bride of 32 years is enthusiastic about most of the “projects” even she, the most tolerant of women, has her limits. She has been enthusiastic about me having a soldering station in the living room so I can assemble an audio component to occupy my spare time. It just probably wasn’t a good time to take the dryer apart to clean the secondary lint filter in our dryer, while she was trying to use it.

I was speaking to Mikke Pierson from a distance in excess of 6 feet while he was walking his dog. He shared that his business coaching clients are embracing this pause as the perfect time to make the changes in their businesses that they had been putting off for years.

This is a great time for me to do the 45 hours of continuing education that I will need to renew my Broker’s license in 2021. I am also spending some time on the educational requirements for CERT and will be taking the Ham Radio class to go with the handheld radios that we have ordered. I hope you are all finding ways to enjoy this involuntary vacation.

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